Going from Prospect to the Sale – the do’s and don’ts!

The sales process for different businesses can vary enormously. Some businesses will chase a prospect 2-3 times, others will hound them for months. The problem is that although we would all like the prospect to conform to our deadlines and time scales – it’s not that easy!

How long should you chase a prospect?
That’s the wrong question as you can’t chase a prospect into a paying customer. Following up with your prospect is important to make sure they have all the relevant information and that all is clear – this is best done over the phone or an online meeting. Whatever you do, also make sure you’re available when they are ready to buy and you respond quickly.

Use a sales and marketing system which highlights their challenges and demands and tells them why they should buy from you. Some will buy from a competitor, others decide they do not want to buy from anyone.
For those who want to buy any response signals that this is the time they want to move from prospect to client. The time is right for them.

Working smarter in this way saves time, money and wins you the sale. Converting prospects to clients when they are ready to buy not when you are ready to close the deal!

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