Business help, a case study

In this blog post Chris Dowling gives a recent case study. An example where his business help and advice has made the difference to his client and their business.

Business help for an established Chartered Surveyor

In the spring of 2020, just after the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown, I was contacted by a chartered surveyor based in Kent, not too far from me in East Sussex. He told me ‘my business is standing still and I’m stuck – how do I move forward? I don’t know what to do – I need a fresh perspective.’

After an explanation of how I work, how much I charge and the results I can help deliver, we were quickly up and running – he was a new client. ‘I like your approach’, the client told me ‘I have spoken to other consultants and mentors, one of whom wanted to psycho-analyse me and another wanted to spend a full day carrying out a forensic and in-depth investigation of my business and charge me over £1,000 for the pleasure. The charge was way over the top. I just wanted to get on with matters – and I don’t have £1,000 to spare!’ The client liked my flexible approach and PAY–AS-GO arrangements – NO guaranteed hours and NO fixed fees.

Despite the client being a RICS qualified surveyor, he was not operating and trading to maximum effect and for his full financial benefit. His problems included –
· No strategy – just week by week
· No marketing
· No website
· Charging the wrong prices – too cheap
· Admitted he is indecisive
· One man business, so no one to talk to

Moving forward

We set to work and over the six months between April to October. By working together for a few hours every month (not £1, 000s), significant progress has been made.

The client now has a fully functioning and professionally designed website with good SEO. His fees have been market tested and increased whilst still remaining competitive. Marketing is now recognized as important, with some networking (virtual) and contact with previous clients. Opportunities are now pursued and decisions made – not overlooked.

During a recent mentoring session, the client told me ‘I have completed phase 1 of my re-structure which I could not have done without your business help and support. I needed the external accountability and sounding board to make me make the necessary changes. You have made a difference to me and my business. It’s better and much more successful – thank you! I now need to move to my phase 2 and I need you to continue to help and support me’.


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