When do you engage a Business Mentor?

I speak to many clients who are starting their own business and you would expect that this is the best time to speak to a business mentor. Of course it is invaluable to have quality professional support when you are starting out to point you in the right direction, However, through experience I have found it’s often later on and further down the line where mentoring support is of greatest value.As the business grows and develops, the planning and direction needs to become far more strategic. Pattens of sales are seen and the financial results become available and as a business owner you can see where changes need to be made. Having a trusted and impartial adviser with the right skills and experience will help you achieve the success you want.

Providing accountability

When the business is past the start-up stage its clear to many business owners that it’s impossible to stand still. You must adapt, invest and pivot to realise the full potential of the business. That’s not easy to do without support when the day to day routine of the business needs to be worked on – support is needed. 

A business mentor will keep you focused on the business and its growth. You need to be ON your business to develop it, as well as IN the business to make it operate.I keep my clients focused on the bigger picture – I challenge them to make changes and grab the opportunities that come along. I make them accountable but I’m always there to help and support them with the take on the challenges of a growing business.

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