Mentoring support for businesses

Business Mentoring support – your sounding board

Business Mentoring support and advice is invaluable for all businesses. Whether they are start-ups or already established. With a start-up business, the new business owner has set out on their own to follow their dream, make their own decisions and be independent. They have the vision, the ideas and ambition – they might have the money as well! What they usually don’t have is any business experience and that’s where a business mentor comes in. They are invaluable.

business mentoring support

A business mentor working alongside the new business owner. They use their experience to help, support and guide the business through the critical first year, possibly longer. Statistics prove that business which work with a mentor in their first year are far more successful than businesses that don’t. There’s no argument! A mentor works as a ‘sounding board’ and a ‘critical friend’. Using their experience and knowledge to help make the business succeed.

Similarly, an established business can prosper from working with a mentor. The business may have got to the point where it is at a crossroads and the owner needs to make strategic decisions on growth and expansion. In many SMEs, the owner is on their own and needs an external view. ‘An outsider looking in’ – a mentor can do that.

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