Every Business Owner Should Know About the Benefits of Working with a Business Mentor

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “If I work with you what do I get?”

A Business Mentor will tell you if they think you’re going in the wrong direction. They give you honesty: accountability and a new perspective.

So if you are thinking of working with a Business Mentor, here are a few things you should consider first.

Not all Business Mentors are equal

A mentor is someone who e identify as having a skill or experience that can assist us to understand or do something that we don’t know about or have not previously experienced.

To see the greatest benefit from a mentor, they have to have been there and done it. How does this apply if you are looking for a Business Mentor to help you start-up or develop your business?

Some questions I would ask, include:

  • Have you started and run your own business?
  • Have you had any experience of working with businesses of my size, in my sector etc?
  • Proof of credibility. Can they provide reviews, testimonials and case studies?
  • What qualifications o professional memberships do you have?

There are many business advisors, coaches and mentors who o not have the first hand experience of the issues and frustrations of running their own business. You may be more comfortable putting your trust in a Business Mentor who has proven to their peers that they not only know how to run their own business but also how to use that experience authentically and ethically to help other businesses grow and flourish?

Expectations of Your Business Mentor

A Business Mentor is there to assist the business owner acknowledge the truth about what is happening in the business and support them to make their own path to success.

If you are considering working with a Business Mentor you need to have a good, long conversation with them first to make sure the “chemistry” is right and for them to explain their method of working, what they will and what they won’t do and is it right for you.

And finally:

Consider the Value of Working with a Business Mentor, Not the Cost, Working with a Business Mentor is an Investment in yourself and the future of your business.

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