Running your own business is demanding, exciting, stressful, always rewarding and it can be lonely. You’re on your own to weigh up the options, make your own decisions and plan the route for your business and its success – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Work with a professional business mentor to help you, support you and listen to you and, most importantly, help you achieve success you want and deserve.

The well-used phrase ‘it’s tough at the top’ has never been more relevant than in the current business climate. By working with a business mentor you have the benefit of a trusted adviser and friend by your side. Acting as your sounding board and critical friend. Someone you can talk to in confidence. There are no stupid questions; someone whose experience and knowledge will help make your life easier and your business more profitable. 

The best business mentors are those who have genuine frontline business experience. They have been there and done it! We have had the good days and the successes, but they have also had the bad days and problems which we have resolved. They know how to avoid the pitfalls and they know how to grab the opportunities and make the best of them.

I don’t have a magic wand (I wish I did!), but I can help you and your business. With some 40 years of business experience as the owner of a family business/SME, I understand the challenges and the demands and I know what works.

My support for business owners includes –

·        Being your SOUNDING BOARD

·        Providing ACCOUNTABILITY


I’m on your side, providing advice, guidance, motivation and support.

Don’t leave it to yourself- let me help you succeed.

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