Business Support Grants to help you

Business Support Grants

Business Support Grants to help businesses grow are available for a wide range of purposes. So often business owners are not aware that they are eligible. This is funds for your business which can often be used in a number of ways but primarily growth and development are where we see the most need. If you want to make changes, want to expand or improve the way you and your company works a grant can help.

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There are over 800 funding source available in the OK, equating to over £200 billion. Half of all funding is never allocated and never used. Are you eligible for a grant? – ask us today.

Dowling Consultants works closely with T4C who are specialist independent grant funding experts, helping businesses access grants to support their growth. As well as the ‘big ticket’ items and capital investment for machinery, premises and vehicles, grants are also available for operational services, including-

  • Marketing
  • Website development
  • Exhibitions
  • Software
  • Staff training

T4C helps businesses of all sizes with funding for growth and we are pleased to work with them.

So if you are looking for funds to improve your business do get in contact. Chris is happy to discuss the options and what grant would work be for your situation and requirements.

Call us today to talk about your plans and how we can help.

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