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Business advisor, consultant and mentor


Owning and running a small business (SME) is part of Chris’ DNA. It’ difficult to think of a business challenge or problem that Chris hasn’t faced and resolved for his own business or for his clients. He is a ‘sounding board’ for you and your business, providing mentoring and consultancy support. Chris works with all types of businesses: family businesses, start-ups, SMEs and established businesses. His clients come from a wide range of sectors in the economy: manufacturers, builders, surveyors, architects, therapists, landscape gardeners and IT consultants – plus many other professionals, creatives and tradespeople.

Based in East Sussex, Chris works with business owners in Sussex, Kent, surrey, Hampshire and London, face to face or online. He also works online with many clients in other parts or the UK, using Zoom and virtual working.

Chris is a director of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM), the professional body for business mentors in the UK. The ABM sets the highest standards in business mentoring to ensure that a business owner who works with an ABM mentor receives top quality support, excellent service and great value.

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The Benefits of Business Advice, Mentoring and Consulting

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The benefits of business mentoring, consulting and advice – here’s your starter for 10 –

1. Problem solving
2. Sounding board and listening ear
3. Providing accountability
4. Working with a trusted adviser and confidant
5. Working ON the business, not IN the business
6. Having a different perspective and point of view
7. Challenging and questioning to obtain the best results
8. Providing guidance and support
9. A shoulder to cry on!
10. Improve personal and business experience

Every entrepreneur and business owner should have a business advisor and mentor. Find more about how Chris has successfully helped clients with his mentoring and coaching work here.


Why use a business advisor and mentor?

  • 70% say a business adviser and mentor helped them survive for five years or more.
  • 94% that used external support with a mentor clearly saw the differences – more sales, more efficient and productive, less stress and increased profits.
  • 90% report that working with a mentor was INVAUABLE.


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